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Read on to discover more about the online activities that we conduct throughout the year!

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Camp is About Community

At Camp Kasota West, we believe that summer camp is all about building friendships and lasting memories together as a community, but see no reason why that has to stop at the end of the summer! Over the last few years we have put more resources into building our online community, with the hopes of providing our campers with the ability to interact with us as an organization as well as their favorite counselors throughout the year. We aim to achieve this through the production of quality content, and interactive activities for campers and parents alike to participate in online through social media.

We know that the world around us is changing, and becoming more and more technologically focused, making summer camps, and the opportunity to escape from the hustle and bustle of the everyday, all the more important. That said, we also recognize the need for camps like us to adapt to the change in order to continue providing positive experiences for our campers and our community year round. This is why we at Camp Kasota West aim to be at the forefront of online camps and engagement, through our online program, and online engagement activities that include interactive events, giveaways, staff takeovers and competitive games for campers both, current and former, to participate in that will only become more fun as our online community expands.

If you’re interested  in participating in our engagement activities, please consider following our social media accounts below and become a part of the Camp Kasota West online community!

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