Registration Donation Campaign

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Help us make a change in our city

Racial inequalities faced by people of color continues to be a major worldwide issue, and the City of Calgary is no exception. ActionDignity has long been a fighting force against issues of diversity, and racial inequalities faced by those within our city, and their programs such as the Youth PLACE program designed specifically to engage with racialized youths to address the day-to-day challenges they face such as discrimination, racism and prejudice made them the perfect fit for Camp Kasota Wests Registration Donation Campaign.

How can I participate?

Participating in our Registration Donation Campaign is easy! All you have to do is sign up for our online program, and have your friends sign up as well!

On our registration form, at the very end there is a question asking where you heard about our online program. For every registration we receive where the answer to that question is the “From a Friend/Family Member” option, $2 will be donated to ActionDignity. So be certain to tell your friends and family about our program!

We’re also all friends here! So for the first week of August, if you select the “Registration Donation Campaign web page” option on the referral section of the form, we’ll still donate $2 to ActionDignity.

How does it work?

For every registration to our online program that Camp Kasota West received over the month of July, we will donate $1 to ActionDignity and their programs designed to engage with racialized youths within our city.

Additionally, for every camper that has a friend sign up for our online program during the month of August, we will be donating $2 to ActionDignity and their programs.

What is your donation goal?

We currently have set a donation goal of $75 for the month of August. That means that we need 38 referrals in order to reach our goal.

We have also set milestones at $25 and $50. Each time we reach one of our milestones or our donation goal, we have special activities planned for our community to engage in!

What are the events that will take place at each milestone?

At the $25 milestone, all of management (Wallaby, Manta, Talon and Lavender) will be pied in the face. A video of this will be posted on our Instagram and Facebook pages so be sure to check us out on social media!

At the $50 milestone, we will host a Movie Night at Home giveaway, where we will provide the winner with a gift card to Cineplex, to rent a new movie of your choice to enjoy with your family, as well as an Uber Eats gift card for you to order some movie theater popcorn and other treats to share!

If we reach the $75 goal we have an extra special surprise planned, which will be announced when we are closer to our goal so be sure to stay tuned!

With the help of our community, we hope to provide ActionDignity with some monetary aide to make our city a better place for all those who live here, but we need your help to do so. Register now in our online program by using the link below, and be sure to share our program with your friends and family! We can’t wait to see you all online this month.