What should I bring to camp?

  • CLICK HERE to see List of Things to Bring to Camp

When and where should I drop-off / pick-up my son or daughter for the bus in Calgary?

  •  CLICK HERE to find information regarding drop-off & pick-up in Calgary

Can I pick-up / drop-off  my son or daughter directly at Camp Kasota West in Sylvan Lake?

  • If you are not from the Calgary area or are planning on driving your child to camp please contact us at (403) 887-5632 or @ campkasotawest@gmail.com to let us know that your child will not be at bus. The same applies if you plan on picking up your child on Saturday. If you are dropping off at camp please arrive between 11:00 and 11:30 AM on the first day of camp.If you are picking up at camp please arrive between 9:00 and 9:30 AM on Saturday. Click here to find Directions to Camp Kasota West.

Can I bring a cell phone to camp?

  • Camp Kasota West discourages campers from bringing electronics such as cell phones, portable gaming systems, and portable music players to camp. Camp Kasota West is not responsible for the loss or damage of items brought to camp. Cell phones can take away from the camp experience and the sense of independence that we strive to foster at camp. If your child requires to have access to their phone throughout the week, we ask that they call under the supervision of their counsellor. We ask parents to contact us directly with any concerns throughout the week so that we can be part of the solution. 

Can I share a cabin with my friends?

  • Each camper can request to be with one friend. Cabin-mate requests are limited for the benefit of all campers. All groupings are done at the discretion of camp management. In order to provide the best camp experience for ALL campers Camp Kasota West strives to create age appropriate cabin groupings (maximum two year age difference). Please ensure that your cabin-mate requests respect this policy. PLEASE PUT CABIN-MATE REQUEST IN THE CABIN-MATE REQUEST FIELD ON THE REGISTRATION FORM, NOT IN THE COMMENTS SECTION.